Experience within our group goes back to teaching with the first commercially available teaching robot, the Tasman Turtle, back in the mid-1980s. Since 2007, we have been providing, via the web, free LEGO MindStorms tutorials, initially for the LEGO MindStorms NXT using NXT-G, and later for the LEGO MindStorms EV3 using EV3-G. We have very recently started to collect, in this web site, a small selection of some of the 750 or so videos that we have produced in the past, with an aim of making them more easily available in courses for beginner robotics students. These courses are also provided free, at no cost, because of the benefits we have seen in the increased skills and confidence apparent in students taking our courses.
We have recently added free tutorial lessons for Modern Robotics’ Fusion Robot, coding in both Blockly and Python.

We have also started looking at LEGO’s Robot Inventor 51515 set. We hope to have a pdf with linked YouTube tutorials available in 2022. We plan to make partial chapters available before the full pdf course is complete.
These courses include “Challenges”, for which we provide no sample solutions for student use. We want the students to have the fun of finding out how to complete these Challenges by their own efforts, learning while they go. We have had requests from some teachers for solutions to these Challenges. Remembering that our tutorials have been accessed from 192 0f the 193 countries in the United Nations, the YouTube ones alone being accessed over 770,000 times, we have not yet figured out how to provide these solutions to teachers without the solutions also being available to students, and without being inundated by individual requests from teachers worldwide. A possible future solution may be to place a small charge on a “Teacher’s Course”, on the basis that most students would be restricted from accessing this course because they do not have credit cards. So far we have not had time to construct a “Teacher’s Course”, so we will have to think about this unsolved Teacher problem at some stage in the future.
In the meanwhile, enjoy these free courses! 🙂
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