Fusion Robot Build - non-standard

Fusion Robot for Absolute Beginners…


We are building an introduction to help you use Google’s coding language Blockly to have fun with your Modern Robotics’ Fusion robot.

This course is still under construction, and new tutorials will be added when we have time. In the meanwhile, we have a 28 page pdf overview of our progress so far available for download here. Feel free to click on the links below to take a look at our progress so far! 🙂


Course Information

Estimated Time: A few hours.

Difficulty: Intermediate


Course Instructor

DrGraeme DrGraeme Author

Fusion Robot – Introduction

Building your Fusion Robot

Connect to a PC using Fusion’s Wi-Fi

Getting Fusion to Move

You make Fusion Obey your Commands

Fusion Going Around the Moon…

Robot SUMO using Fusion

Fusion Follows the Edge of a Line.

Fusion and the Swimming Pool Challenge…

Fusion Avoids an Obstacle on the Line

Fusion Follows a Wall

Fusion and the Hippodrome Challenge

Fusion, the Range Sensor, and the Swimming Pool

Fusion Follows a Line

Fusion runs Autonomously?

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