Fusion Robot Build - non-standard

Fusion Robot – First Look

This is not a Course. We are just recording our first look at Modern Robotics Inc.’s Fusion Robot. If you want the official information about the Fusion Robot, go to: http://modernroboticsinc.com/fusion


Course Information

Estimated Time: A few hours.

Difficulty: Intermediate


Course Instructor

DrGraeme DrGraeme Author

Introduction to Fusion

Building the Fusion Robot

Connect to the PC using Fusion’s Wi-Fi

Getting Fusion to Move

You make Fusion Obey your Commands

Fusion Going Around the Moon…

Robot SUMO using Fusion

Fusion Follows the Edge of a Line.

Fusion and the Swimming Pool Challenge…

Fusion Avoids an Obstacle on the Line

Fusion Follows a Wall

Fusion and the Hippodrome Challenge

Fusion, the Range Sensor, and the Swimming Pool

Fusion Follows a Line

Fusion runs Autonomously?

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