Author: Ying Chen

Ying Chen has had an interest in LEGO robots and robotics since 2006, working quietly in the background to help and guide her group in efforts to spread technical knowledge and expertise among young students. The program she has overseen has been associated with voluntary assistance to robotics programs in a variety of schools and community groups, and has produced several web sites that have made free robotics tutorial material available worldwide, resulting in millions of hits from 192 of the 193 countries in the United Nations, and translations of robotics-related web pages into over 40 languages. Students associated with this program have won multiple State, Country, and World-first places in robotics-related events. 

You can see some of her group’s work for Primary and Middle School robotics beginners at:

  • ; assorted “pick and choose” robotics tutorials using LEGO’s NXT set and the NXT-G language
  • ; tutorials and challenges for LEGO’s NXT and EV3 robots, and Modern Robotics’ Fusion Robot coding in Blockly and Python.
  • ; tutorials using LEGO’s EV3 set and the EV3-G language
  • ; a beginner robotics MOOC that has had over 26,000 students
  • A 47-video YouTube PlayList course for beginner students learning to use LEGO’s EV3, with downloadable overview documents that we produced, being made available in pdf, ePub and Kindle formats.

Ying’s group has also delivered CS4HS sessions over multiple years in multiple parts of Tasmania, with funding assistance from Google.

Ying Chen is currently enjoying retirement, having recently retired from her post as a lecturer in Information Systems at the University of Tasmania.