LEGO NXT robot tutorial - Robot approaches an Alien!

Fun With LEGO MindStorms NXT Robots.

We have several sets of resources for the (no longer sold) LEGO MindStorms NXT sets.

  • We have a collection of individual NXT tutorials in our web site, click here.
  • We also have a selection of these NXT tutorials arranged in a course order on our web site, complete with a pdf course overview document, click here.
  • There are also details of sets of arenas that we have used in our classrooms, click here,
  • Details for a system of reconfigurable mazes that we have found that our students loved, click here.

To assist a local Tasmanian school, we are experimentally converting a few of the tutorials for use on this web site. This conversion will be very incomplete until at least late in 2019, and your NXT tutorial needs would be better served by consulting the tutorials; however if you insist on looking at this new and currently very incomplete list of converted DocGraeme tutorials, click on the links below.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 20 – 30 hours


Course Instructor

DrGraeme DrGraeme Author