Fusion Robot Fun – Converting from blockly to Python.

The computer language Python is currently one of the most in-demand languages used in Industry (click here or here), so it is a good skill to have in your  CV.  These tutorials will help you learn how to use Python to control your Fusion Robot. The Schools we assist tell us that they plan to first introduce Fusion Robotics by using the computer language Blockly. They then plan to later upgrade to Python. These tutorials start quite gently by converting tiny Blockly examples into Python, and then continue by using Python alone.

These tutorials are mainly aimed at students who have previously followed our Blocky tutorials for Fusion Robots, but it also can be used by students who have had no Blockly background, as we also revise Blockly during some of these tutorials. 

This course will probably always be under construction, with new tutorials being added when we have time. In the meanwhile, we have a 28 page pdf overview of our progress so far available for download here. Enjoy! ?

Course Information

Difficulty: Intermediate


Course Instructor

DrGraeme DrGraeme Author

What is Fusion? FP1

Building your Fusion Robot FP2

How to connect a PC & Fusion using Wi-Fi FP3

Setting up Admin and User Accounts in your Fusion Robot FP4

Teaching Fusion To Move (Blockly/Python) FP5

Fusion Approaches An Alien FP6 

Fusion Goes Around The Moon FP7

Robot SUMO Using Fusion FP9

Fusion Follows The Edge Of A Line FP10

Fusion’s Swimming Pool Challenge FP11

Technical Extras FPTe

Where To Go Next? FPnext

X – Fusion Follows A Wall FP13

This section does not have any lessons.

X – Can Fusion Go Around An Obstacle? FP12

X – Fusion And The Hippodrome Challenge FP14

This section does not have any lessons.

X – Fusion, The Range Sensor, And The Swimming Pool Challenge FP15

This section does not have any lessons.

X – Fusion Follows A Line Using Two Optical Distance Sensors FP16

This section does not have any lessons.

X – Starting And Stopping Fusion During A Run FP17

This section does not have any lessons.

X – Fusion, Straight Lines, and the Gyro Sensor FP18

This section does not have any lessons.


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