Extra: Fusion Meets a Colored SUMO Rink with an Irregular Edge FP11e

There are occasions when the SUMO rink is all one color, and the areas around the rink are of multiple colors. This type of rink would pose problems for the SUMO code we have used up until now, which relies on the border around the SUMO rink being the same color all the way around the rink. Fusion can handle this type of irregularly-edged rink as well, but it needs a Color Sensor. This sensor is not part of the Fusion Base Kit, but is available for separate purchase from Modern Robotics. We have added a color sensor to an experimental version of our Fusion robot. This experimental version has a variety of extra sensors, but we only use the Color Sensor. In the following video, we demonstrate how to use the color sensor to teach Fusion to stay inside a rink which has an edge of an unpredictable color.

Currently we demonstrate only the use of Blockly. We plan to extend this video to include Python when we have time to do so.

Experimental version of Fusion using a Color Sensor.

Note: (January 2019) Currently only one Color Sensor may be connected to the Fusion Controller at a time. My understanding is that this is a limitation of the current Fusion implementation of Blockly, not a limitation of the Color Sensor/Core Controller combination itself. Thus, this limitation of only using one Color Sensor at a time could change in a future implementation of Fusion’s Blockly & Python.