Extra: Fusion , the Hippodrome, and 2 Optical Distance Sensors FB12b

In this “proof of concept” video, Fusion goes around the Hippodrome using two Optical Distance Sensors. The Fusion Basic Kit includes one Optical Distance sensor, but others can be purchased separately here. If you have converted a Spartan Robot by replacing the Core Spartan Controller by a Fusion Controller (see page 28), you will already have two Optical Distance Sensors that were supplied as part of the Spartan Kit. This video is very similar to the previous video, with only small changes being necessary. The replacement of the Touch Sensor by a second Optical Distance Sensor is one change needed, leading to small changes in the main program, and in the function that turns Fusion 90 degrees at the end of the hippodrome. Note: The small light that can be seen pointing downwards during Fusion’s run is from a third Optical Distance Sensor that is not used during this run.