Fusion’s Swimming Pool Challenge? FP11

Swimming Pool Challenge
Swimming Pool Challenge

Can our Fusion robot clear the toys from the green swimming pool? FP11a

Imagine that our class has gone on a bus trip to a beautiful swimming pool in the wilderness. We have only been playing for a little time when there is a sudden heavy shower of rain. The driver of the bus is concerned that the shallow stream the bus crossed may suddenly get deeper, so he hurries all the students into the bus and quickly leaves before the stream can rise. This leaves the teacher to retrieve all the toys with which the class was playing. Unfortunately, the teacher can not swim. So, we need to program our special amphibious Fusion robot to follow a winding trail through the wilderness, to detect the silvery white sands of a beach at the edge of the pool, and to then push all of the toys to the edge of the pool so that teacher can collect them without getting his feet wet. ?

How can we teach our Fusion robot to do that?

If we think about this Challenge, we could re-use our previous code, like this:

  • Fusion uses our previous code to follow the line until it “sees” the silver sand
  • If Fusion “sees” the silver sand, then it stops edge-following, and then uses our previous SUMO code to push the toys to the edge of the pool, ready for the teacher to collect the toys. ?

The next tutorials show how to re-use our previous code to solve this Challenge.