How to connect a PC & Fusion using Wi-Fi FB3a

This video show how to use Fusion’s inbuilt Wi-Fi to link a Fusion Robot to a computer. In this example, the computer is a Windows 10 PC.

Note: The first time you connect your computer to your Fusion Robot, you may be required to provide a security key. This security key will be supplied by Modern Robotics Inc. as part of your Fusion kit. At the time of writing (July 2018), this key can be seen inside the lid of the Fusion System Controller Box that comes with your Fusion kit.

Location of Fusion Controller WiFi Access Point Key
Location of Fusion Controller WiFi Access Point Key

One of the unique things about a Fusion robot is that, as well as acting as a robot, it also acts as a server with an inbuilt Wi-Fi link. Laptops, desktop PCs, tablets or smart phones can connect to the Fusion robot using this Wi-Fi link. It is almost as if the Fusion robot is its own Wi-Fi hotspot, except that the Wi-Fi connection is not to the Internet, it is just to the Fusion robot itself. In normal operation, the Fusion robot is never connected to the Internet. In normal operation, the laptop (etc.) is usually not connected to the Internet either, but can be if the student so desires this to be the case.

This ability to be able to operate without a connection to the Internet can be a major advantage when the Internet connection is a problem, either because of slow Internet speed or because the Internet is simply not available in the student workplace. It can also be an advantage when a school is concerned that the student may have contact with some of the less desirable content on the Internet, and therefore has banned connections between student computers in the school, and the Internet. In both these circumstances, the Fusion robot can be used and programmed independent of any Internet access.