Keeping Fusion inside the SUMO Rink FP9c

Our Fusion Robot can play SUMO by:

  1. Charging forwards, when Fusion is in the white middle of the rink,
  2. Backing away and turning, after Fusion reaches the black edge of the rink

Previously in our Blockly beginner’s course, we showed how to play SUMO using Fusion’s Blockly code. In this video we demonstrate how to use Fusion’s automatic generation of Python code to convert the Blockly program that was used in our Fusion Blockly SUMO tutorial, into the more advanced computer language Python. We combine this Python code with Optical Distance Sensor readings to help our Fusion Robot detect when it has left the white centre of the rink, and reached the black edge. Watch the video below to find out how…

This video above is our “first look” at using Python to teach our Fusion Robot to stay inside the SUMO rink. Have a play with this Python code. Change the motor speeds.  Change the turning timings. See if you can make your Robot play better SUMO. 🙂