More Blockly or Python? FB17a

It has been fun using Blockly to teach our Fusion robot how to do what we desire it to do. What comes next?
My first impression is that Blockly seems quite suitable for lower middle school use and above. It is also worth noting that it is possible to go much further with Blockly than we have demonstrated in these “Absolute Beginner” tutorials, but that is for another day…
The other really nice thing about Fusion, is the included access to Python as a programming language. We have turned Python off in these Blockly-based “Absolute Beginner” lessons, to save distracting students. However, a clean transition can be made from Blockly to Python – and the libraries available for use in Python are fabulous! This could probably make Python with Fusion (and its extensions) suitable for use in upper middle schools right through to University.
We have produced some free tutorials to help you upgrade your coding knowledge from Blockly to Python. You can see them by clicking here. Enjoy! ?