Extension: Fusion Loops Around the Moon FP7d

At one of the Adult Education parent/child weekend robotics workshops run by Yaya Lu and myself, one of the girls wanted to program her robot to do a loop around the Moon before returning back to Earth. We have used her inspiration as a second “extension” to this “Moon” Challenge. The video below demonstrates that a Fusion robot is capable of imitating this girl’s robot solution to the Moon Challenge.

This Python program is a little different from the previous “Blockly Moon Challenge” programs. The previously used “Blockly Rotate” command spun our Fusion robot around on the spot. To go in a loop around the Moon, we will need to use separate motor commands for each motor. In our Python version, we have to add a separate “Time” command limit after the two motor commands. The motors will continue running until the “Time” command is finished. This is discussed in the video.

It is also worth noting that the Python program length has again been reduced by employing this student’s methodology.