How to find the YouTube Playlist…

For Classroom use, we suggest that you look through this Mini-MOOC course as preparation for your students using either our YouTube EV3 Robotics Playlist, or this extended version of the playlist that contains all the YouTube videos, plus extra tutorial activities that can be used when more than one EV3 set is available. The video tutorial above shows how to access the start of the older YouTube Playlist. The other option is for you to instruct your students to work directly though this updated EV3 Mini-MOOC course.

The video above also demonstrates how to change screen playback sizes to help minimize the presence of extra (largely irrelevant) on-screen material that could distract the attention of your students from the video that you are demonstrating.

For Home use when extra EV3 sets are not available, we suggest you use either the YouTube playlist, or the student version of this updated EV3 Mini-MOOC course. If you choose that latter course of action, some of the tutorials that require more than one robot (e.g. Tug-of-War) will not be applicable, but these tutorials can be omitted without causing any significant problems in the subsequent tutorials.