Extra: Using Fusion’s Range Sensor to clear Toys from the Swimming Pool FB13a

This video explores the use of the Ultrasonic portion of the Range Sensor to clear the Swimming Pool more quickly than the previous method we used. When we cleared the Swimming Pool previously, we used a fixed turn, hoping to eventually push out any toys. However, using the Ultrasonic portion of the Range Sensor, we can actively search for the toys, and push them out directly. Although we have not done so in this example, we can also potentially check that the toys have all been pushed out, by checking that Fusion has made one rotation without pushing out any toys. Note 1: Neither the Fusion nor the Spartan Basic Kits include a Range Sensor, which can be purchased separately here. Note 2: There are competition circumstances that would make it advantageous to mount more than one Range Sensor on a Fusion robot. However currently only one Range sensor may be connected to the Fusion Controller at a time. My understanding is that this is a limitation of  the Fusion implementation of Blockly, not a limitation of the Range Sensor/Core Controller combination itself. Thus, this limitation of only using one Range sensor at a time could change in a future implementation of Blockly.