Where To Go Next FPnext

It has been fun taking a “First Look” at how to use Python to teach our Modern Robotics’ Fusion Robot to behave as we would wish it to behave.
If you have decided that you really like Python, and want to study a course that looks at a more detailed use of Python itself, without reference to a Robot, good courses are available, some free.
If you are a computer professional, Python is a useful computer language to have in your CV. It has excellent mathematical and artificial intelligence libraries available to assist in writing advanced programs. It is also currently (2018) much in demand in industry.
We have not covered the use of advanced Python programs in this introductory course. If you want to study Python in more detail (probably beyond what you will need in School Python courses), an excellent University-level two-semester free on-line Python course that I can recommend from my personal experience is available here. This free course is made available via edX from one of the leading Universities in the world, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). While this course is free, if you want a completion certificate to hang on your wall to impress your students and colleagues, there is a $$$ fee. We suggest that it is worth looking at this excellent course, before looking at other courses that part you from your hard-earned dollars…

Enjoy! ?