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Classroom Extras

6 months of access

Our tutorials were originally aimed at students using one robot set, working alone or with a teacher/mentor. Following requests from many teachers, we are gradually building up “Classroom Extras” for some of our courses. These “extras” will eventually include tutorials suitable for a classroom where there is more than one EV3 robot available, and will also include sample solutions for the student “Challenges”.  Eventually we would like to provide these “Extras” for all our courses, but that will depend on our finding more “spare” time. To access these “Extras”, it is necessary to join the “Classroom Extras” Plan. While we are building up our “Extras” material, joining is free! We will need an email, but don’t worry, we don’t intend to let anyone else see your membership data. Just now, while all is free – Enroll & Enjoy!