A Robot Floor Cleaner? – Overview.

Cleaning floors is not always fun. Let us teach a robot to do this for us. We will make a “floor” divided up into 16 smaller rectangles. To “clean the floor” our robot must pass over each of these rectangles before returning to the red one from which it started. This is a “Challenge” where we want you to use the robot teaching skills you have developed, to teach your robot to solve this Challenge. Since this is a Challenge, we do not provide code for you to copy. Your Robot can go over each of the rectangles in any order you like. It can clean as many rectangles as you like. Best Challenge solutions are efficient ones that clean all the rectangles. What path through the rectangles will your robot take to clean the floor?

Teaching notes:

  1. This video has closed captions that can be useful in a noisy classroom where the excitement can be so high that hearing the video can be difficult. The closed captions can also be automatically translated by Google Translate into about 60+ languages.
  2. A plan to make a pretend “floor” out of an A1 paper or cardboard sheet is given in this video. If you have access to an A1 printer, you can also download a pdf that we use; see: https://goo.gl/C9KW1H

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