Follow the edge of a line – Overview.

“Following a line” is a classic problem in artificial intelligence robotics. In this tutorial we will learn how to teach our Robot to follow the edge of a line using one EV3 Color Sensor. This skill has a potential use in competitions such as the RoboCup Jr. and First LEGO League. This free video tutorial introduces an example of a Robotic competition that uses Line Following, shows some examples of LEGO “RoboCup Rescue” line following robots, and introduces the ideas behind a method of following the edge of a line that uses one LEGO MindStorms EV3 Color Sensor attached to a LEGO EV3 robot such as YayaBot.

It is important that there is a clear distinction in shade between the background colour and the line itself. An A1 sheet of paper or cardboard (white is ideal) with some electricians tape of a strongly contrasting shade (black is ideal), or some white electricians tape on a dark floor, would be a good start. If you have access to A1 printer facilities, the “Alien” pdf arena has a dark ellipse that is also ideal for beginning line following; it can be downloaded from:

This video includes brief closed captions that may be translated into about 60+ languages using the inbuilt Google translator.

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