Fusion’s Basic Blockly/Python Equivalents FP5b

We spoke to potential users. Those who already has some skills in Blockly requested a “quick reference” list of Fusion’s Python equivalents to Fusion’s Basic Blockly commands, to assist them during the transition phase of their language conversion. Because a single Blockly command groups multiple Python commands into neat, useful “clusters”, this list could also be useful to any new Python users who have not yet had any coding/programming experience using a text-based language.

You can download a 2-page pdf of our attempt to meet this request by clicking here. This list of equivalents applies to the standard build of the Fusion Robot Base Kit. If you are using a different build, with (e.g.) motors in different positions, you may have to adjust these equivalents so that they apply to your different robot build. We comment on this 2-page table in the following video.

Next let us apply some of our new knowledge in the “Approaching An Alien” Challenge in the next lesson! ?

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