Teaching our robot to move, smile and speak – overview.

Let us pretend that an Alien Ambassador has come to Earth. We don’t know whether the Alien is dangerous or not. It is too dangerous to send a human, so we will send a robot, Botticelli, to approach the Alien instead of us, because if anything goes wrong it will be a Robot and not us that will be zapped. We need to teach Botticelli to move, smile and speak. We will need to figure out how far to send Botticelli so that it does not collide with the Alien Ambassador – that might start an intergalactic war! To see an overview of how to teach our robot, watch the video above.
If you have access to an A1 printer, you could download and print out this arena (.pdf format) that we use; click on http://bit.ly/1KYACot

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