Extra – Staying inside a SUMO ring.

We have taught YayaBot how to stop at a black line. Now we need to teach YayaBot to back away from the black line, turn a little, and then charge forwards again. This video demonstrates how to do this. This video tutorial includes brief closed captions that may be translated into about 60+ languages using the inbuilt Google translator.

After you get this working, you could now try putting a toy in the SUMO ring, and see how long it takes for your Robot to push the toy out of the ring. Are some toys a more difficult shape to push out of the ring? Are some toys too heavy to push out of the ring? Try lots of toys and see what happens. – Have fun!

If you are in a classroom, your teacher may also suggest that the class has some SUMO competitions, where there are two robots placed in the ring, with their backs to each other. They are started at the same time, and we can see which Robot is pushed out of the ring first. You can try using different motor power settings, and perhaps different turning commands. Which is best? Try lots of changes, and have fun! You can see three student-constructed  EV3 Robot SUMO challenges in the next video.

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