Extra – Clearing Toys from a Swimming Pool.

In this video tutorial we take up the Challenge of using a LEGO MindStorms EV3 Robot to clear an imaginary swimming pool of toys left behind by children after they have departed. It uses the very powerful methodology of taking an existing set of program commands, and modifying them, rather than writing completely new program commands.

This fun tutorial follows, and builds on, the “Staying inside the SUMO ring” video tutorials, using the EV3-G program developed in these tutorials. Because of this, it would be preferable to complete these “SUMO…” tutorials before enjoying the tutorial at which you are looking.

Note: Be careful to understand the reason for changing the “Default” value mentioned in the video at 2:57. This is a trap for new players.
This tutorial video includes brief closed captions in English that may be translated into about 60+ languages using the inbuilt Google translator. Enjoy!

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