Introduction and Overview – Fusion Robot FP1

Ying Chen
Ying Chen

This is a “first look” at Modern Robotics Inc.’s Fusion Robot, and while it has less detail than our usual “Absolute Beginners” courses, we aim to include sufficient detail to enable use either by a home-study parent/child combination, or within a classroom. For this audience, we emphasize detailed “how-to” videos, and minimize “talking-head” presentations. We introduce new concepts only when they are needed to continue using our Fusion Robot. What does this course cover?

  • This introductory course does cover the conversion from Blockly to Python using the Fusion Robot Base Kit. We also check out some sensors that are available for use with Fusion, but which are not included in the Basic Fusion Base Kit; these tutorials are labeled “Extras”.
  • This course does not cover either the complete use of Python, or the use of the many impressive libraries that are available for use with Python. It is also not an introduction to Blockly for the Fusion Robot (click here).

What should you do next?

  • If you are a student interested in building your Fusion Robot, click here to start!
  • If you are a teacher or mentor interested in a semi-technical summary of the Fusion Robot’s features, go to the “Technical Extras” by clicking here.
  • If you have a Spartan Robot and wish to change to a Fusion Controller, click here.
  • If you are a professional interested in a free advanced Python course that covers more detail than you are likely to need in a School course, go to “Where To Go Next” by clicking here.

Note: If you have no Internet access and are using our USB videos, the Web locations referenced in these notes will not be available, but our own Fusion self-study videos will be available. Enjoy! ?